Dental care is extremely important and even more so when you are pregnant because you’re at a higher risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay and other issues during this period.

A lot of women are scared to go to the dentist during their pregnancy because they fear it would be harmful to them or their baby. This is a common misconception and the reality is that you are preventing yourself from getting the care you need, so you should absolutely visit your dentist during your pregnancy because leaving oral health problems untreated is very harmful and can impact your overall health and your baby. Hormone changes and cravings are both part of pregnancy and can put your oral health at greater risk, so make sure you go to the dentist so they can monitor your situation and ensure your teeth and gums are healthy.

Depending on your circumstances, your dentist may recommend additional appointments during your pregnancy so they can check the condition of your teeth and gums and provide you with the appropriate treatments. Not every treatment is suitable during pregnancy, so it’s best to get any outstanding dental issues taken care of prior to this exciting period in your life. X-rays, for example, are something most dentists will avoid during pregnancy so that the patient is not exposed to radiation. Modern dental x-rays use very low doses of radiation and can be used if you have a dental emergency or severe pain, although it will depend on the severity of your condition. If the issue is not an emergency, most dentists will wait until after your pregnancy to complete an x-ray.

If you do need to have a dental procedure while pregnant, you can have an anaesthetic to help numb the pain. It is very important that you inform your dentist about your pregnancy so that they can select the right anaesthetic with the appropriate levels. They will avoid the use of anaesthetics containing certain ingredients and will know which chemicals are harmful, so you must discuss your pregnancy so that your dentist can proceed accordingly and use the lowest concentration possible for the type of procedure that is being done.

Extractions are also treatments that most dentists will avoid while their patient is pregnant and will only be done as a last resort. The second trimester would be ideal because it prevents x-rays having to be done in the first trimester when the baby is first developing and the discomfort that comes with having to lie on your back during the third trimester. Other non-emergency treatments like whitening should also ideally be done after your pregnancy to prevent the chances of any risks, regardless of how minor they may be.

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